EP009: Morgan & Anna


On this episode of SarahTalk we chat with Morgan, mother of Anna, a gender non-conforming child. Morgan’s approach to parenting through this time, which most parents would probably consider challenging and confusing, is extremely refreshing!

Huffington Post Article: Mom’s Birth Announcement For Transgender Son
Raising My Rainbow (Lori Duron)

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Sarah & Mandy

Sarah Austin

Sarah Austin

Creator/Host at SarahTalk Podcast
Sarah is a transgender woman (MTF) living in central Florida. She started SarahTalk to create a space to discuss LGBT stories, news, etc. which has grown to include the atheist/freethinker community as well.
Sarah Austin

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Sarah Austin

Sarah is a transgender woman (MTF) living in central Florida.  She started SarahTalk to create a space to discuss LGBT stories, news, etc. which has grown to include the atheist/freethinker community as well.

2 thoughts on “EP009: Morgan & Anna

  • linnpooh@aol.com'
    February 24, 2016 at 4:29 pm

    I’m just catching up, I don’t always see the post and forget to look for the link! I just now saw the subscribe button for i-tunes, does that send an e-mail telling me it’s there?

    Anyhow….Morgan, what can I say about her that is negative? Nothing! I met Morgan through one of my dearest friends who also happens to be Anna’s Grandmother…her name was Jodie and she lives in eternal peace now after suffering from cancer. I had heard about Morgan from Jodie, but until she got sick, I never had spent any time with her or Anna. Through our grief over losing someone we both loved so very much, I think we have a bond now that will always be there. She said a few things that made me cry because I wished I could go back and have a do over as the person who formed Mandy’s self esteem, a product of my own lousy one….she is the kind of Mother that I wished I had been, that I am now, or at least try to be….I still fail and feel I will always have lessons to learn from my wonderful child! She is just simply a lovely person with a lovely heart.

    I, like Morgan’s Mom, took awhile to come to the place I’m at now. Mainly because I was brought up in a very strict Baptist church with extremely conservative parents. My Daddy actually voted Democrat, but only because he was a union man and he also didn’t trust the government! But morally and lifestyle….oh my, they were both very right and tight! I was raised to believe that being gay was a sin and there was no discussion. I started questioning that in HS, when a very dear friend of mine confided in me that he was gay…something I think I always knew deep inside. So I became a hypocrite, believing in my heart that it was not a sin, yet pretending to feel another way with my parents, their disapproval seemed worse than standing up for what was right. After I married and in our home, I brought Mandy up to not think people were different, gay was never an issue. I tried to teach her that kindness and compassion is what matters, that how the inside of your heart looks matters more than an image we put forward. It took a few years of quietly believing before standing up to my family openly, but I finally came full circle and was ashamed of the thoughts that had been planted in my head and told them so. I finally forgave myself and took the motto that I did the best I could with the tools I had at the time, as a Mother copying how I had been Mothered, and as a loving and accepting person as I had been taught. That when I learned better, I did better, I’m still learning and I’m still trying to do better.

    Broadcasts such as this are so important, to keep dialogue open on subjects that people don’t always understand because of fear or knowledge on the subject. I have learned about myself from listening to you, Mandy, and your guests….good and bad, seeing that I still have work to do in some areas is not always easy, but necessary if I’m going to be a person in life that helps and not hinders. So thank you, I know you don’t believe in God or prayer….but you are in my prayer book and every Sunday night the page with your name on it comes up. I always wish for you a good week full of understanding and kind people….that they make this transition journey you are on as gentle and comfortable as possible. I hope that is okay, I just want you to know that I care about your struggle.

    Stay Happy,
    Linda Imus

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