EP015: Vigilante Justice League


Sound Off!  California just passed a measure requiring all single-occupant restrooms to be designated gender neutral.  Is this something to get excited about?

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  • NCAA Now Requires Sites Bidding on Events Demonstrate Non-Descrimination
  • Texas Lt Gov Dan Patrick: Keep Men Out of Women’s Restrooms
  • Liberty Counsel’s Anita Staver on Fox News
  • Marion County FL School Board Votes to Ban Trans Students to Restrooms by Birth Assignment
  • Democrats Suggest “Pass the Equality Act” to Stop Anti-Trans Laws
  • NC HB2 Timeline & Updates
  • Vigilante Justice League
  • School Board Meeting About Trans Students Ends in Song

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Sarah Austin

Sarah Austin

Sarah Austin

Creator/Host at SarahTalk Podcast
Sarah is a transgender woman (MTF) living in central Florida. She started SarahTalk to create a space to discuss LGBT stories, news, etc. which has grown to include the atheist/freethinker community as well.
Sarah Austin

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Sarah Austin

Sarah is a transgender woman (MTF) living in central Florida.  She started SarahTalk to create a space to discuss LGBT stories, news, etc. which has grown to include the atheist/freethinker community as well.

One thought on “EP015: Vigilante Justice League

  • linnpooh@aol.com'
    May 22, 2016 at 5:33 pm

    I feel sorry for those people, really, I can’t even begin to imagine how miserable and unhappy they must be in there own lives to carry on this way. In defense of Christians and churches, people acting like that have never been the norm where I live, even the Christians I know that feel it’s “sin” don’t say those vile things, at least not in public where I have heard them. I wish you would make that distinction on your show, that all Christians don’t feel or act that way. Sometimes it feels like you are labeling us all in the same way that you want people so desperately to not do to you.

    I’m a Christian who loves God, I read my Bible daily, and have a personal relationship with Him through His word and prayer. I was raised a strict Baptist who was taught that Homosexuals were sinners…period, and at that time the word Transgender wasn’t talked about…everything that was “weird” to them was sin and you never thought or said otherwise. It was never said to me at church in the same manner that the people in that meeting spoke, but still, I knew, so it was implied somehow. My turn around started in HS when I had a couple of friends that I loved that were gay and not out, then as I got out on my own….I gradually changed my opinion and thought patterns, it wasn’t quick, but little by little I came to be the person that I am now. Someone who does not think it is wrong or a sin, someone who stands up for anyone who is not accepted and allowed to live a happy life exactly as they are. We are all the same inside, human beings trying to make it through this thing called life together.

    I don’t agree with “God doesn’t make mistakes”, being different from each other is not a mistake, people aren’t mistakes. God made us all and if they truly read their Bible they would see that He instructed us to, above all else, love one another. The God I serve loves you just as he loves me and He doesn’t care where each one of us uses the bathroom, he cares more that once you enter where I am or I enter where you are….we are kind and accepting of each other. I will continue to stand up for and support you, Sarah, I admire your courage and respect the path you are trying to forge for others. I hope you can learn to support Christianity, you don’t have to believe in it (as I know you are an atheist) but maybe respect a little more that we are not all extreme zealots shouting fire, brimstone, and hate…..a lot of us try hard to show love and compassion.

    As always….great show!

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