Point The Finger, An Introduction


“Where Do We Point The Finger?” (Point The Finger or PTF, for short) is a column “ghost written” by a good friend of the show. I want this to stay anonymous so that personal feelings and reactions don’t get in the way of real and raw emotions.  These articles may include topics that aren’t discussed at-length on the show, but will provide an additional medium for us to discuss the issues.

There are so many things happening in the world that it’s hard to keep our heads straight or separate fiction from non-fiction, fantasy from real life, or in political terms, truth from alternative facts. Hopefully, this column will help by showing multiple sides to each story, event, or issue.

I have used social media to gather feedback and debate on each issue. I have posted these difficult questions to both my Twitter and Facebook, and while I know my life is just a snapshot of the growing world around us, maybe talking and debating these issues out will do some good. In any case, it gets people talking. People from all different religions, cultures, political affiliation and so on are talking and discussing together. It’s a step.

In my life, I find that whenever something bad happens, people are quick to point fingers, but are they pointing to the right thing/person? What is the real cause for these issues? Is there one? Does finding someone or something to blame give you vengeance or vindication? Are we all bigots? Are we always only looking out for ourselves?

Some of these topics might not be easy, some of them will hit home, some of them will just be a mess of a situation gone viral (the dress was blue, btw.)

So while I have a small snapshot of my life around me, a 200 person Twitter poll, or a debate on my Facebook page, I know that there is still a world out there feeling these exact same feelings.

Feel free to leave a comment or join the conversation. However, if you do, please remember that there is a difference between anger and hate. One can have a difference of opinion and get angry about it, but still care about the other person. Hate attacks someone for being themselves. Hate is a bully and we have no room for that here.

With all of that being said, are you ready to start this journey with me? Where should we point our finger first…..?

A. Imus
A. Imus

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