Rally Cry

This is your rally cry! 

On this area of SarahTalk.com we are going to highlight people, families or groups that we are personally supporting as a show, and we encourage you to as well!

Two Trans One Van 

Two Trans One Van is a creative outlet started by James & Katherine Blake who are transgender parents.  Listen to their episode to learn more and visit these links.  Their’s is a story of hardship and pain, but ultimately their love for each other and their kids drives them to continue to press on.  They’re just awesome and I hope you’ll consider helping them, too.

Their blog space has recently moved to Patreon so you can support them on a recurring basis or if you’d like to make a one-time contribution, we’ll include their GoFundMe link as well.  Look them up, give them some financial help, and if you can’t do that – please go send them some love.


Patreon  — GoFundMe

Saturn’s Top Surgery 

Saturn is a personal friend.  We worked together at Disney World back in the day (before both of our transitions) and he is now trying to raise funds for his “top surgery”.  For so many trans people, any reminder of the gender assigment gone awry can have a wide range of effects on our mental health.  That’s why many (not all) trans people seek out surgeries to make our bodies more in line with our gender indentity.  Unfortunately, the insurance industry is decades behind the mental health industry, and most insurance companies consider all of this elective and therefor do not cover it.  If you can help Saturn out, that’d be awesome.  He’s a cool guy and it’s been fun to watch him grow into the man he is!