Show Schedule

Production Schedule

Our show is typically LIVE! Monday Mornings at 8am Eastern at  Afterwards that show is locked and released early to our Patrons (the Patreon show often includes extended segments and discussion).  Then, the public release of the show goes to iTunes, GooglePlay, Spreaker, etc on Wednesday morning.

Event Schedule

November 5, 2017

Sarah will be participating in a transgender panel as part of Sanford Pride’s event.  If you’re interested send us a message for details.

November 20, 2017

We will be live-streaming the speaker portion (and possibly the vigil portion, too) of the Transgender Day of Remembrance at Valencia College East.  Tables and Entertainment start at 3pm, Speaker sessions from 7-9pm, followed by the vigil and reading of names at 9:15.

701 N Econlockhatchee Trail Orlando, Florida 32825

This event is open to the Public.