Production Schedule

Our show is typically LIVE! Monday Mornings at 8am Eastern at  Afterwards that show is locked and released early to our Patrons (the Patreon show often includes extended segments and discussion).  Then, the public release of the show goes to iTunes, GooglePlay, Spreaker, etc on Wednesday morning at 8am Eastern.

Event Schedule

June is Pride Month and we are working hard to get involved in some events this month.

Saturday, June 17th is Polk County Florida’s “Polk Pride” event at Munn Park in Lakeland, FL.  We have a booth space registered and will be setting up our remote studio to do some interviews and shout-outs with folks there, possible even some live streaming, too!

Saturday, June 24th from 3-4pm Eastern we will be broadcasting LIVE as a part of’s “Streaming Weekend”.  We hope you’ll tune in. 🙂