Please feel free free to write us about anything related to the show.  If you’re reaching out to appear on the show, here are some general guidelines.  It’s also appreciated that you listen to a few episodes before asking to be a guest.

These are the sorts of folks we generally partner with that fit our audience well (and if this is you, let us know! We’d love to make some new connections and friends!)

• People of the LGBT community, people of color, women and other members of minority communities (especially those that may also fit into the other Venn categories below)
• Political figures that align (we’re fairly left-leaning/progressive)
• Skeptics/Atheists/Freethinkers/Apostates/Questioning
• Debunking Pseudoscience (& other scientific claims for which there is no overwhelming body of evidence, like reiki, for example, or the Anti-Vaxx Movement. We’ve had on advocates for ending routine male circumcision as another example)
• Authors and fellow podcasters relating to these topics
• People representing secular non-profits/charities that support the communities above which we can help drive awareness, attention and support to

Some Guests/Topics that tend to not work with our format & audience are:

• Relationship Experts
• Fitness / Life Coach / sim.
• Proponents of “alternative healthcare”
• Fiction Authors

• General Entrepreneur Experts


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